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Top 10 Ugliest/Most Unique Uniforms

The uniform. Every team needs one, and every player wears one. Most are your average, run-of the mill jerseys, with the team/city name on front and the name and number on the back. But some teams throughout history have claimed… artistic license on the uniform. Different times brought different styles, which clearly showed on the backs of the players.

I say ugliest/most unique because that’s exactly what they are. They may be hideous or just downright ridiculous, but that is what makes them unique. No one else has these, and no one else will. One point of clarification: these are from the MLB, NHL, NBA, and NFL teams only (leaves out ABA, AFL, etc.). Leave a comment, let me know what you think!

10. Philadelphia Flyers: 1981-83









For just two seasons, the Philadelphia Flyers took to the ice full-length pants, as opposed to the normal knee-length pants. They’re not all that ugly, just uncommon (and probably very uncomfortable). This definitely falls under the “unique” category of this countdown.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1976-1996








Oh yes, the Bucs wore these for 21 seasons, including their amazingly bad 0-14 season in 1976. The tangerine color of these uniforms struck as much fear into their opponents as a foam samurai sword. Thankfully, the Bucs have evolved to a red-white-pewter combination, although they have brought these back occasionally for throwback games.

8. Denver Broncos: 1968-1997







Much like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ old uniforms, these featured a bright orange contrasted with white and blue. Although the Broncos found success while wearing these, they still wore these monstrosities for 30 years. As ugly as these were, the current Broncos team has embraced these and now has an orange alternate uniform, albeit a much more modern look. Just don’t bring back these helmets…

7. Washington Bullets: mid 1970’s











The shorts say it all. Aside from looking like a stereotypical lifeguard on top, these jerseys included what may be the ugliest shorts in the history of basketball. Thankfully, they’re gone, but this is just one of the Washington Bullets jerseys that made it on this list.

6. Denver Nuggets: 1982-1993











Let’s just say that had I lived in Denver from 82-93 when the Broncos had their orange jerseys and the Nuggets had these… I probably wouldn’t like sports. The skyline could have been acceptable if it didn’t look like Nintendo designed it. Combine that with the rainbow, and you get this ugly thing.

5. San Diego Padres: 1983











The only saving grace is about this is that the Padres only wore them for one season. One long season. I’m no fashion expert, but brown and mustard yellow? It looks like someone had some old disco clothes and donated them to the Padres. What did the 70s and 80s do to uniforms…

4. Vancouver Canucks: 1978-1984









Let me say this: I love these jerseys. How much more ridiculous could these uniforms have gotten? Brown + yellow + red = the ugliest 7 seasons in Canuck history. I would still love to own one, though. That V design in the middle is one-of-a-kind.

3. Houston Astros: 1975-1993











To take a line from “Whose Line is it Anyway,” it looks like Walt Disney threw up all over these. Much like the Nuggets’ jerseys of the same time, these feature the same technicolor horizontal lines that exemplified the 1980s. One subtlety that I enjoy a lot are the stirrup socks. Nice finishing touch to a disgusting uniform.

2. St. Louis Blues: 1996, but never worn!









My personal favorite jersey in the entire world. Unfortunately, these were NEVER WORN, because Blues coach Mike Keenan vetoed them as the team’s alternate jersey. It may be because I am a native St. Louisan, but wow. If these still existed, I would spend a fortune to buy one. You cannot get much uglier/unique/awesome than this thing, which is of course why it is #2. Combine it with “Cool Cat,” the proposed mascot, and you get a fantastic combination of ridiculous.

1. Chicago White Sox: one game in 1976











The creme de la creme of ugly. Collars under the Chicago uniform. High white socks with two black stripes. And shorts. Shorts. How these were approved is beyond me. The White Sox wore these for 1 game, and I cannot blame them. Yes, it gets hot in the summer, but can you imagine sliding into second base in these? The White Sox top the Blues’ monstrosity for two reasons: 1) they were completely different than any contemporary baseball jerseys, and 2) they were actually worn in a game. Just awful.

So that’s my list. Did I miss any? What’s yours?

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