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My name is Scott McMahon. I am currently a senior at the University of Michigan, studying communications, applied statistics and music. I am originally from St. Louis, Missouri, where I grew up a huge Cardinals, Rams, and Blues fan. My love of my hometown teams developed my love of sports as a whole, and specifically baseball. To put this in perspective, I recently watched an hour-long show on how statistics have changed in the past 100 years, and I was enthralled. I could spend days in the Baseball Hall of Fame soaking up the history, the legends, and the stories of baseball.

Ideally, I want to turn this passion into a career writing, researching, and/or explaining the game. A job that I find particularly appealing is behind the scenes of a baseball team, working within the front office or in a media relations job, setting up everything for the games that people take for granted. If I really want to dream, I would like to broadcast baseball games for a living. Nothing would be cooler than people hearing their team’s games through my voice.

As for my life outside of baseball, I have been a tuba player in the Michigan Marching Band and Michigan Basketball Bands for the past 4 years. I have made some amazing friends and incredible memories as a part of the MMB, and I forever be proud of my contributions to one of the best band traditions in the country. I also enjoy cooking, playing racquetball, and golfing.

Perhaps most importantly, this blog will be about sports. Once baseball season comes around, most of my posts will focus on baseball. Until then, I will also comment on Michigan basketball, hockey, and football. Occasionally, I will post about something completely different or unrelated to sports, but the bulk of my writing will serve to develop my voice as a sports writer and express my views and opinions on the games that I have loved since I was a kid. Sports is my passion, and I want this blog to reflect that.

Happy reading!

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