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Super Bowl Follow-up

February 8, 2012 Leave a comment

So we all know what happened on Sunday, the Giants came back in the last minute and won the game (although Brady’s hail mary at the end was really close). Some thoughts on Super Bowl XLVI:

  • Thank you Kelly Clarkson for a solid National Anthem. We didn’t need another Christina Aguilera moment.
  • Mario Manningham… where’s the Michigan pride? Don’t say your high school in your introduction…
  • Someone made a LOT of money if they bet on whether or not there would be a safety in the game.
  • Giants D-line made their presence known early and often. That was one of the biggest keys of the game in my opinion, and the Giants brought it.
  • For how the Giants offense moved the ball in the first half, it’s amazing to me that the Patriots led at halftime.
  • Madonna halftime show: not bad. I tend to not watch halftime shows, but this was a good throwback to older pop with some new artists mixed in. Did M.I.A. really need to flip the bird though?
  • Bill Belichick is so good at adjusting to his opponents. If he thinks his team is being outplayed in any facet of the game, the Patriots will adjust.
  • Similarly, Tom Brady has ice water in his veins. No fear in him.
  • Wes Welker, I really that drop doesn’t define your career. It’s been too good for it to be defined by one dropped catch.
  • Probably won’t happen though, thanks to that Denver pawn shop that dropped Butterfinger candy bars into Boston this week
  • Manningham, great catch. Where did you hone those skills?
  • Really can’t ask for a better ending. Last-second, teeth-clenching moments.

Congrats to the Giants for their last-minute victory. Better luck next year New England.


The Super Bowl: Where Legends Are Created

February 5, 2012 4 comments

It’s finally here… the Super Bowl. Giants vs. Patriots, rematch of the 2007 game in which New York spoiled New England’s perfect season. If I remember correctly, there are 4 Michigan players who are playing in this game (Tom Brady, Zoltan Mesko, Mario Manningham, and David Baas). The game should be pretty good, Super Bowls usually are, but it is games like these that make careers.

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